Presentation and Speech-writing skills

Like an essay a good speech must have a beginning, middle and end. It also has a number of different elements that you need in order to achieve your objective of engaging with your audience. The best speeches are carefully written, paced and rehearsed.

Think about:

  • The Hook which is the opener/attention grabber
  • Establish context/motive/stories/illustrations
  • Get to the point
  • Reinforce your point
  • Close


The Art of Successful Speech writing

  • discussion on participants’ experience
  • key issues and ways of communicating messages
  • examples of famous speeches and analysis
  • practise of writing, structuring and producing a speech
  • exercise on writing to a given topic, a 3 minute speech
  • individual speech writing skills overseen and developed
  • writing and preparation of a second short speech
  • review of the day’s training
  • Q&A