The practical use and application of social media to News and PR campaigns

“Be there or be square” is an early quote used when new media or social media was just beginning. Today the same rule applies that you can’t afford NOT to have an online presence. Along with this dictum comes the need to cope with the implications. You have to convert the cynical and unskilled in your company, keep updating your sites and learn how to manage an interactive presence, as well as the risks. Also draw up employee guidelines.

I can teach you:

  • how to establish a social media presence on various sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and a blog.
  • Writing for online
  • producing video and photo content,
  • management, risk and reputation issues
  • connecting and growing your online profile.

FAQs about the benefit to businesses and organisations like yours?

  • Isn’t it just a big time waster?
  • Doesn’t it encourage staff to take their eye of the business?
  • Surely it’s mainly for techies and geeks?
  • How can it help us find new clients, increase sales or improve service?
  • What about the security risks?
  • And who is there to help us learn how to use these tools effectively?

The answer to all these questions is that social media is here to stay and every company and individual needs to improve their skills and learn how to be online. The back-up of IT teams and specialists in the office are vital to making sure that you are professional and appropriate in your online work.

One day Social Media Workshop:

  • Define your Social Media strategy
  • Learn more about the technologies to help your business and how to use them effectively
  • Create your core messages
  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Training on key sites
  • Writing for online sites
  • Risk and Reputation management