Digital social media application for news and PR and training

I came to the world of blogging and social media early, giving the first CIPR lectures and training sessions on how to set up accounts and what blogging meant.

It was fired by my own interest in the changing digital landscape and new ways to interact online.

I am the Author of “Practising Videojournalism” an academic textbook that tells for the first time about the birth of videojournalism and how this skill is now a standard way of producing video content for social media and online websites. As a pioneer myself, working solo or with one other journalist in the field, we brought to the world sight and sound of Eastern European countries that were still behind the ‘Iron Curtain’ as well as Central Asia. No one had seen what Romania or Bulgaria or Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan was like. Before and as the “walls came down” in 1988 onwards, I worked under-cover, developing reporting, filming and survivial skills to produce reports.

Examples of my Digital social media work:

At the UK’s Central Office of Information, I recognised the lack of social media and video in our PR and media offer, so used my knowledge of social media to devise and implement a training programme for our 125 PR managers across 9 regions. This brought new skills such as filming, interviewing and storytelling with the result that all regions could expand their offer to clients. This was on my own initiative because I wanted to deliver the best communication solutions to government clients and to produce innovative campaigns that delivered the results.

At COI, I wrote individual social media strategies for and advised clients like the Chief Inspector of the Border Agency and the Director of the UK Statistics Authority.

For the UK ‘s Department of Education’s Aiming High campaign needed to engage young people in social activities to keep them off the streets. I devised a PR campaign and materials to train youth club managers in social media and video production so they could in turn teach their members and apply for a competition. The prize was a visit to No 10.

For the Turkish government’s Prime Minister’s Office and EU Ministry I devised and trained teams in the appropriate use of social media for interacting and promoting EU Accession hopes.

As a New Media Consultant/Trainer, I wrote and delivered Training Programmes on the practical application and use of social media for campaigns and story-telling, for many international PR agencies including Bell&Pottinger, Edelman, Weber Shandwick and Hill & Knowlton.