Public Relations

Organisations usually have an idea of what you want to achieve in a PR campaign. The most common objectives are greater exposure and increased awareness. By creating clear objectives, the end result can be worth the time and money spent. PR can also be a great tool for helping to better understand your organisation and how it communicates with its audience. PR can help in an internal review and it can breathe new life and direction into an otherwise stale marketing and/or advertising campaign.

I enjoy the challenge of creating campaigns that are imaginative, original, simple in design and scope- and that work.

5 Top Tips:

  • Set a campaign goal that can be stated in one sentence
  • Decide on your audience to achieve these aims and exactly what you want the target audience(s) to do
  • Determine what will motivate the audience to do what you want them to do
  • Work out a strategy
  • Decide on the best way/channels, within your budget to reach your target audience

Examples of my Public Relations work:

At COI I oversaw a number of PR campaigns from getting people to test their smoke alarms, to be vaccinated against flu, join the armed forces, learn about minimal wage levels or the need to register for their business taxes. All of our campaigns were strong on evaluation and monitoring against KPIs to prove our successful engagement with audiences and measure changes in behaviour and understanding of key messaging. COI was a leader in evaluation and set the industry standards.

Regional Communications for No 10. I coordinated a new weekly digest of good ideas for the PM’s regional engagement, combining visits, video streaming, interactive social media and press coverage.

WellsFoodFestival – I established media and stakeholder databases to kick start the event and engage with producers, regional media, the general public and local council and other key stakeholders. Built social media sites and developed materials for promoting the event.

The Alexandra Rose Charity – I developed a PR strategy for promoting the centenary of the charity and its annual fund-raising event that sees the Prime Minister buying a rose on the doorstep of No10. Linked with the City Hall(the London Mayor’s Office) to interact with groups including young people ,faith and diverse community groups

Sudan- for the UN and the Ministry of Health, I worked on a campaign to eradicate FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), producing a video, conducting media interviews, working with the faith leaders and political leaders to promote understanding in the villages, towns and bring about behaviour change.

EU Project in Ethiopia– I worked as the Inception Consultant establishing a multi-million euro project to promote understanding about HIV-Aids to teenagers using radio programming. Working with the state radio station and Ministry of Health, I established an office, hired staff and worked on a strategy for achieving the outcome of successful engagement.