Strategic Communications

“The purpose of writing a communication strategy is to support a programme to achieve its goals and objectives, to shape advocacy, mobilise people and bring about behaviour change.”

”A good communication strategy is a map that connects the present state of an organisation to a future desired state”

The 5 P’s of Strategy

  • Plan- the purpose
  • Ploy-the method
  • Pattern-what works
  • Position – in the relevant spheres of influence
  • Perspective – how it all fits together

Examples of my Strategic Communications work:

For UNICEF as a Communication Consultant in Ethiopia, Palestine, Sudan and Iran

Iran– as an International Communications Officer I oversaw a campaign to raise awareness about the refugee plight, with some 2 million Afghans coming over the border into Iran. I also produced a communication strategy for reorganising the national communications office. This involved a new website, databases of freelancers, hiring staff, liaising with all teams on producing internal as well as external newsletters, stories for the local and US media and engaging with the national TV and radio station IRIB. Also re-establishing community group meetings and youth ambassador groups in Teheran.

Ethiopia -Worked on SpeakAfrica campaign jointly financed with the African Union and for teenagers from 16 African countries. Centred round an actual conference I produced a training strategy and schedule for teaching writing, producing scripts and videos, learning how to pitch story ideas and interviewing skills. These were all carried out during the conference to produce a newsletter each day written by the students, as well as video reports.

Palestine- working for the Palestinian National Authority in Ramallah, I researched and wrote a communication strategy to help train and promote local journalists; organise a press officer; demonstrate and run a press conference inviting foreign media from Jerusalem; train journalists in writing press releases and promoting positive stories and working with the local TV station on output.

Sudan I produced a communications campaign strategy for the eradication of FGM. We made videos, engaged with key stakeholders including the religious leaders and achieved a firm date for making FGM a criminal offence from the Minister of Health.

For the SNC in Paris and Istanbul (Syrian National Council, opposition to the Assad government) I responded to their lack of organized media engagement, wrote a strategy that successfully engaged with global media, especially online. I set-up social media channels and helped promote as well as defend their reputation. Trained and worked closely with the Foreign Relations Spokesperson on a 24/7 basis fielding media requests and organizing interviews for TV radio and print, down the line, face to face at conferences and via Skype.

At the South East Development Agency (SEEDA) in the UK as Communications Director, I wrote a new strategy as well as a specific stakeholder engagement plan. This supported SEEDA’s corporate needs to revive internal communications and regional stakeholder engagement and incorporated digital media. I oversaw change management, rewriting job specifications, interviewing and reducing the team from 24 by half.